About Us

Bharat Traders was founded in 1991, we are the first Indian retail Grocery store to open in Melbourne.
We are importers, wholesales and retailers of Multicultural Groceries which include Lentils/Beans, Spices, Nuts, Oils/Ghee, Baking Flours, Pickles, Pastes, healthcare products, Fresh & Frozen Foods, Cooking Utensil amongst other products.

In addition to the above, we have a Specialised range consisting of Indian products such as religious products, Fresh Indian Sweets, Indian Liquor, Decorations items, Ethiopian groceries and other items consisting of products from Australia and around the world.

Our Story

The founders, Mr Markandey Tiwari and Mrs Sheela Tiwari, hail from Deoria, a small rural town in Northern India, Varanasi being the City. They migrated to Australia, and established the business in 1991.

Their vision was to avail products from India, which were otherwise rare or not available in Melbourne back in those days.

Their humble beginnings and hard work turned into a large family business of almost 30 years as 2021 marks the 30th anniversary.