Bharat Crushed Kibbled Barley 1kg

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Crushed / Kibbled barley 1kg

Barley Grain is pearled (hulled) and graded (cleaned) and then processed through Roller (Kibble) Mills into kibble and packed as per customer specifications.

The outer husk is removed from the Barley by a vertical pearling machine. The grading process consists of shaking sieve screens and air aspiration to remove any remaining husk and dust and leave a finished product at 99% purity or higher.

The kibbling machines use sharp edges rollers set close enough together to cut the grain into 3 or 4 pieces per whole grain which then passes over a sifter to reduce the dust and fine particles to create a kibbled product.

Kibbled Barley is used for baking and in grain mixes for further processing.


Nutritional Information – *USDA 2012 averages per 100gms
Energy 1473kj
Protein 9.91g
Fat (Total) 1.16g
Fat (Sat) 0.244g
Carbohydrate 62.12g
Fibre 15.6g