Dr. Ganga Green Juice

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Dr Ganga Fresh Juice

Celery, kale, spinach, cucumber, parsley, lemon, ginger

Key Ingredient: KALE 🥬

Kale is one of those foods that you either love or hate. Sadly, most people fall toward the “hate” side of things, thanks to the strong, bitter flavor of the leafy green. But did you know that the nutrients that give it the strong, bitter flavor are what make it one of the healthiest of the greens?

🥬 Kale juice may not be as tasty as apple, orange, or pineapple juice, but it offers A LOT more nutrients for your overall health.

🥬 Thankfully, kale juice is loaded with iron. It contains more iron per calorie than you get from even beef, so you can get a lot of iron from drinking kale juice — & iron helps to detoxify your liver!

🥬 Leafy greens can be hard to eat, and it can be time consuming to cook them up. With Dr. Ganga, however, you get a tasty juice to make the leafy greens much more palatable. Kale, in particular, is tough to eat alone, but making it into a juice makes the veggie much more enjoyable.

🥬 The antioxidants found in kale juice help slow down the aging process because they help prevent free radical cells damage to skin. Vitamin A also helps promote healthy and glowing skin, hair, and nails. Additionally, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help increase hair elasticity, growth, and scalp nourishment.

You get all the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, but all in a cup you can swallow in a few quick and easy gulps!