Zandu Balm 8ml

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Zandu Balm 8ml


An iconic pain relief balm with more than 100 years of trust and expertise, Zandu Balm is the perfect solution for headache, body aches and cold. Known as India’s no.1 pain relief balm, this Ayurvedic salve provides instant and long-lasting relief from body pains of all kinds.

How to use

Apply on affected parts and massage gently. For external use only.

Zandu Balm is India’s Largest Selling Multipurpose Pain Relief Solution that has effectively won the trust of generations. It is extracted from responsibly sourced pure Ayurvedic ingredients. The balm is non- greasy and penetrates swiftly into the affected areas to help deliver quick and long-lasting relief from pain. It’s analgesic properties help relieve the pain effectively.

A pain can completely put you off focus for the entire day. Which is why you need a reliable solution that will relieve a pain in the most convenient manner. Powered by ayurvedic ingredients like menthasatva & eucalyptus helps treat different kinds of topical pains. Gaultheria oil acts as a counter-irritant to relieve muscle pain. Mentha present in the balm enhances the cooling effect and helps to soothe the affected area.

So bank on the 100 years of trust of the new and improved Zandu Balm,which spreads easily and absorbs faster on the skin. It gives instant &
long-lasting relief from different kinds of pain.